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Cool Dorms From Nebraska | Cool Dorms From Creighton University | Kiewit
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Kiewit at Creighton University in Nebraska

Creighton University
in Nebraska
Gender: coed
Stories: 9
Approximately 400 freshman women and men call the nine floors of Kiewit Hall their home. Kiewit Hall, home to the nationally- recognized Freshman Leadership Program (FLP), is known far and wide by its slogan "Kiewit Pride!" Located on the west end of campus, Kiewit is adjoined to Becker Dining Hall and Irma's Bistro. Kiewit Hall also enjoys close access to the V.J. and Angela Skutt Student Center as well as the Kiewit Fitness Center. Kiewit Hall has a huge lobby, a TV room and tons of places to study, hang out and meet. Kiewit Hall Measurements: Windows: 66" high X 44.5" wide Closet: 38.5" wide X 28" deep Carpet: 10'5" X 10'11"
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