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Cool Dorms From Ohio | Cool Dorms From Ohio State University at Columbus | Smith Hall
there are no Cool People from
Smith Hall at Ohio State University at Columbus in Ohio

Smith Hall
Ohio State University at Columbus
in Ohio
Gender: coed
Stories: 11
Website: http://housing.osu.edu/halls.asp?section=current&id=23&type=13
This building offers the following features: The Explore Room which offers a large, quiet study space Tutors and in-hall academic advising on a weekly walk-in basis in the Explore Room The Exploration program for undecided students Loftable beds- Please note, if a student desires a loft he/ she will be responsible for lofting the bed him/ herself Smith Hall has a staff of 20 resident advisers, one resident manager, a hall director and an assistant hall director The Smith Hall Council represents all Smith residents.
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