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Paul - Off Campus
University of Houston System

2/18/2007 6:25:25 AM
Researchers convert E85 into Moonshine
For those of you who don't have a clue about E85. It is a gasoline blend that is made up of 85% Ethanol ( alcahol ) and 15% Gasoline.  Only some newer cars are capable of running this fuel.  The cool thing about E85 is it runs about 25 cents cheaper per gallon than the cheapest 87 unleaded.  Here in Texas E85 is about $1.75 / gallon.  Well back to the original subject of this blog.  A couple Researchers from Iowa, are working on a way to convert E85 into pure Ethanol.  Basically they are trying to find a way to filter out the 15% gasoline, to leave only the Alcahol.  Taste wise they say that it would taste similar to Vodka, but keep in mind it would be 200 proof, making it stronger than EverClear.  Even though these researcher say its research is to find a way to reduce the cost of household products such as mouth wash and cleaning products, I suspect that they might have other intensions (like throwing some kick ass parties in the research lab ). 

The benefits of this research is that it could possibly make alcaholic beverages cheaper, to make that is.  Its unlikely the government would allow you to buy a bottle of vodka for $1.  so the result is these products would have a higher tax, to insure the market price doesn't change.  This would create a large revenue source for Uncle Sam.

On the downside of things.  If the knowledge of how to do this is open to the general public, you might see college students driving down to the local gas station buy a few gallons of E85, take it back to the dorm, and convert it into a few gallons of pure alcahol, making for some of the cheapest parties the college world has ever seen. 

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