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Paul - Off Campus
University of Houston System

1/29/2007 11:08:36 AM
iphone review - Mind Blowing

At first when I heard apple was coming out with an Iphone. I thought cool, even though I am not a huge fan of itunes, apple seems to make very user friendly electronics.  I saw a picture of it and thought well its a nice looking phone but the touchscreen is not cool.  I own a qtek 9000.  its a G3 phone with full touchscreen.  After using it for a few months I can atest that the touch screen gets annoying.  The main problem being that you can't dial numbers without looking at it.  Each button has no feel, unlike traditional phones in which you have a distintive feel to each button.  I thought that this might be the achillees heel of the iphone as well, but after seeing this video review, I am stunned as how the iphone functions.  The simple user friendly ness of it, and the use of industrial design will make this phone the toy to have for 2007.  For those of you who like to camp out all night to buy the first ones, just to resell them for 2x or 3x the money on ebay this will be another one of those toys.

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MajorComputer Science
DormOff Campus
SchoolUniversity of Houston System
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iphone review - Mind Blowing
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