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Cool Dorms From Mississippi | Cool Dorms From Alcorn State University | Hiram Revels Hall
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Hiram Revels Hall at Alcorn State University in Mississippi

Hiram Revels Hall
Alcorn State University
in Mississippi
Gender: guys
Stories: 3
Hiram Revels Hall is a Male Honors/ Leadership Residence Hall. Honor male students are housed in the building with a minimum G.P.A. ranging from 3.25 to a 4.0. This hall was named after Hiram Revels, the first president of the University and the first black U.S. Senator. It was originally constructed in 1967 and was renovated in 1999. The three-story building can house 230 occupants. A large community bathroom is located in the middle of each floor. It is the home of the 2000 SWAC tennis championship team. Occupants are active participants in the intramural sports.
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