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Membership is intended for College Students both Present, Future, and Alumni

What do members get?

  • Maintain a profile about yourself
  • Post up to 100 photos
  • Create Blog Entries to express your views and opinions
  • Declare Friends that can be displayed on your profile
  • Send and Recieve private messages with other Members
  • Send and Recieve comments for your profile, photos, blogs
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About CoolestDorm.com
CoolestDorm.com was founded by two college students. Our goal is to provide a site where college students can rate their school and dorm on how cool it is. Every year too many college students end up going to Lame Schools and get stuck in Not so Cool Dorms. Nothing worse than wasting the best 4+ years of your life. We intend to grow our site into an informational portal so both future and current students can make an educated decision on college.

What do I have to give to become a member?
Members must give a valid email address.
Members must provide a picture to represent them on the site
Picture can be of anything they want as long as it does not contain nudity, or any illegal activity

How Private is my information?
We keep our members idenities very private. Even though profiles are viewable by the general public only other members may post comments to your profile or send you messages. Information such as your Email Address and or Cell Phone number are never shown to the public, or members. We also do not share your information with third parties. You may recieve occasional newsletters from CoolestDorm.com but this will be rare

How long does Membership Approval take?
Once members have validated their email address via the confirmation email they are approved.

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