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Cool Dorms From Nebraska | Cool Dorms From Creighton University | Deglman
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Deglman at Creighton University in Nebraska

Creighton University
in Nebraska
Gender: girls
Stories: 5
Renovated in 1993, this five-story building houses 160 women. It is named after Fr. Francis Deglman, S.J. Deglman Hall is at the center of the Creighton campus and enjoys a sense of tradition, fun and pride from the many girls who have lived there. Some unique aspects include DeglDayz, the Eileen B. Center for Women and Deglman's Spirit of Kindness Dinner! There is lots of room in the Deglman basement to hangout, watch movies, or type a paper in the computer lab. Deglman Hall Measurements: Windows: 68" high X 47" wide Closet: 39" wide X 24" deep Carpet: Area rugs only
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